Gundlach 737 Stretcher Hook


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Gundlach 737 Stretcher Hook

This stretcher hook is a lightweight tool that stretches from wood subfloors, not from the wall, making stretching possible in unsupported areas such as opposite glass windows, or in mobile homes. The pointed steel prong is heat-treated to ensure a good grip and long life. Stretcher Hooks fit any Junior Stretcher. (An adapter tube is necessary with Taylor Tool’s stretchers.) These stretcher hooks have an aluminum body with a black anodized finish.  All parts, except for the body, are interchangeable. Caution: For use only on wood subfloors. These tools work by piercing the carpet and pad with the prong anchoring in the wood subfloor. They should be used only with appropriate approval. This is the original Stretcher Hook for use in most situations. Gundlach 737

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 ft